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Shutters around the world | Internal & External

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Unlike New Zealand houses, exterior window shutters are a common architectural detail in French houses, and their use serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. The vibrant painted shutters, referred to as volets or volets battants (to differentiate them from roll-down shutters known as volets roulants), continue to be a distinctive element of French architecture. Far from mere aesthetic embellishments, these shutters weave a rich tapestry of history, practicality, and regional flair, becoming an inseparable part of the French architectural identity.

While external shutters are more popular in Europe, here in NZ it can be much more beneficial and practical to have internal window shutters:

Sunlight Control: Internal Shutters provide a means to control the amount of sunlight entering a room. In New Zealand's we find the summer sun very harsh & hot so timber shutters act as protective shields that can help block out the intense sunlight, keeping interiors cooler and more comfortable. Fitting them on the interior side of your window gives you much more easy of control and also protects the shutters from weathering and adds a beautiful aesthetic to your home décor.

Temperature Regulation: By adjusting the shutters, you can regulate the airflow and temperature inside the house. Shutters provide additional insulation during cold months and trap precious warmth inside your home. You can also combine shutters with curtains and to provide extra light blockage and give a more cosy warm feel.

Privacy: Shutters offer an additional layer of privacy for homeowners. By tilting the louvers, you can prevent people from seeing into your home, adding a level of security and privacy for a more peaceful retreat within the embrace of your home.

Aesthetics and Architectural Style: Shutters are often used for decorative purposes, enhancing the overall aesthetic of a building. Choosing the perfect shutter colour and material can contribute to the architectural style of the house and add charm and character.

Cultural Tradition: While the use of exterior shutters is deeply rooted in the cultural and architectural traditions of many European countries. It's a feature that New Zealand is adapting to with the predominate use of interior shutters that has been incorporated into the design or refurbishment of historic villas and homes for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

Window shutters are more than just a tale of the enduring spirit of French culture and aesthetics. Along with the values for beauty, comfort and practical reasons for the use of exterior or interior shutters, it's worth noting that practices and preferences may vary across different regions and individual households.

In New Zealand, with windows and glass pains stretching taller and wider we love the use of internal shutters to furnish these areas, and at Brightshine, we stand behind the quality, the workmanship and the way we measure/install and configure our Shutters. Enquire now to get up to 15% off shutters.

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