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What type of blinds and shutters block UV Rays?

Shutter roller block uv rays

Natural sunlight brings many benefits to our well-being. Though we all know the intense Aoteroa sun contains strong UV rays, getting too much can cause skin damage, eye damage and even skin cancer. Knowing the danger of UV rays, have you ever considered the precautions we must take for the sun rays streaming into our homes?

UV rays can cause furniture to fade due to prolonged sun exposure; helping protect your flooring and furniture can be an excellent investment for future years. So, what is the best way for blinds and shutters to block out UV rays?

Both shutter and blinds are significant deterrents to the sun.

Let's start with Shutters, an excellent way to protect from UV radiation. Shutter tilt rods offer you the flexibility to fine-tune the positioning of louvres, allowing precise control over the amount of natural light entering your space and its direction. We provide a customisable tilt rod system that can independently manage the upper and lower sections of the shutter. If your goal is optimal room darkening, our room darkening shutters are ideal for achieving the highest level of darkness possible through a window treatment. Ultimately, entirely shutting your shutters will block off the UV rays.

We offer two types of wood-based Shutters:

  • 100% sustainable basswood, a more complex, more durable wood.

  • Paulownia, a cheaper and lighter wood, is therefore easier to move.

We finish these shutters with five coats and a satin finish to look lovely in your home and protect from UV rays and discolouration.

On the other hand, blinds with sun filters or blockouts can be great options for blocking UV rays. Both are designed to combat the strong sunshine.

Sunfilter roller blinds are designed to minimise heat and glare whilst maintaining your view when looking through the blind. This is achieved by employing a specialised fabric with an open weave. This fabric is crafted from polyester and coated with a polymer featuring small apertures that selectively permit the passage of light.

Sunfilter fabric is available in various colours, each with slightly different solar characteristics.

  • Black: Absorbs more heat but offers improved visibility

  • White: Reflects more heat and glare but may slightly reduce visibility

Depending on the look you are going for, shutters and blinds are great options to block those harsh Aoteroa UV rays.

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