At Brightshine we manufacture Aluminium, Poplar and Faux Wood Venetians as well as Sunfilter, Blockout and Sunscreen Roller Blinds. All of those products are manufactured at one of our two factories based in Auckland. We also sell Shutters which we do import but they are maintained in our factory in Auckland should anything need fixed or amended. As all of our Blinds and Shutters custom made, this service ensures that you get the Best Fitting & Quality Product that is specific to you and your home. This does reflect the turnaround time we currently have which is 12-15 working days. We work closely with PPG to match any paint colour you require for our Poplar Venetians and our Shutters.

We import our wood from America, which comes into our Factory in it's natural state. We then splice it, sand it, cut and punch it and then spray your blinds in your chosen colour and put them all together to make our Wood Venetians. This process ensures that we can guarantee the quality and finish of our products and pass although that competitive pricing to you, our customers.

Check out how we manufacture our Faux Wood Venetians.

Check out how we manufacture our Poplar Venetians.

Check out how we manufacture our Aluminium Venetians.

If you have any questions or queries about the manufacturing and production process here at Brightshine Blinds, please do feel free to contact us either by phone, email or in person.