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Choosing Neutral or Bright Colours for Window Blinds

Neutral blinds

Selecting the perfect window blinds is a crucial aspect of interior design, ensuring you get the right aesthetic for your home or workspace. In this blog post, we'll explore the enduring charm of neutral blinds and the vibrant appeal of bright roller blinds, specifically focusing on roller blind colours and the refined elegance of coloured wooden blinds.

Neutral Blinds

It is well-known in professional interior design that neutral tones emerge as a beacon of enduring appeal with their simplistic, versatile application. So, let's delve into the reasons behind their continued prominence as a fundamental element of design:

Classic White Roller Blinds:

White, regarded as a classic neutral, embodies qualities of simplicity and purity.

White roller blinds augment the perception of space and cultivate a clean and refined ambience, positioning them as an ideal choice for professional settings.

Subtle Grey's & Beiges:

Roller blinds in subtle greys and beiges are a sophisticated backdrop tailored for professional environments. These neutral tones establish a harmonious canvas, facilitating seamless integration with various decor styles and colour schemes. Their adaptability is a key asset in meeting the demands of professional spaces.

Bright Roller Blinds

In the pursuit of infusing vitality and personality into corporate environments, the bright roller blinds emerge as a sophisticated avenue, offering a dynamic spectrum of colours and patterns:

Bright Colour or Dark Contrast:

Designed for professionals seeking to redefine their workspaces, bright roller blinds come in vibrant hues such as electric blue, coral, or sunny yellow. These lively choices go beyond conventional design boundaries, imparting a renewed energy and a contemporary edge to professional settings. The alternative is opting for a darker colour such as our Black Sunfilters, these blinds work in a similar way to glass tints. The black weaved fabric creates a contrast that virtually eliminates glare, this provides a clear picture through the blinds so you can still enjoy your sea views or picturesque garden. These blinds create an open and vibrant feel in your home with the added benefit of protecting your furnishings and floors from sun damage. Although black blinds may seem counterattractive, don't knock them till you try them.

Textured Roller Blinds:

They usually feature two or three tone textures with modern greys, whites & beige (also darker black & grey options too). These blinds create a softer feel than plain fabrics, similar to the effect of curtains but without the hefty price tag. The extra depth to these fabrics makes a great match to multiple elements in your home such as wooden floors, carpets, joinery and furnishings. The deliberate integration of dual tones & textures introduces an element of sophistication and uniqueness.

Coloured Wooden Blinds

Depending on what colour blind you go for, it can infuse a touch of brightness into spaces or a extra point of difference. We hand paint our timber blinds here in our factory in Auckland, giving the wood time to absorb the finish and avoiding chipping and lifting the paint from the slats. This also means we can provide custom painted blinds, whether you're wanting to match your Sea Fog walls or add a pop of colour to a nursey or child's room. We offer this custom service for a 15% fee which covers ordering the custom paint in for you.

Crisp Whites:

Our two standard colours are Resene White or Resene Alabaster, these two whites offer a bright & sophisticated element to your home. If you're in need of a refresh and want to add an open and lightness to your spaces this is a great option to choose from. Painted white blinds are timeless and integrate very easily into any space.

Black and Grey:

Embrace a sophisticated statement with custom black or grey wooden blinds matching modern joinery colours and creating a smart or sleek look. These deep shades command attention, creating a focal point that exudes professionalism and refined taste.

Whether opting for the enduring elegance of neutrals, the excitement of bright shades, or the sleek look of dark colours for your window blinds, choose a preference that matches your sophistication and individuality.

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