I have a blind the cord is broken, will you fix it for me?

We only repair Brightshine Blinds, so if you have purchased your blind from us then we can repair it for you no problem. If you have another brand of blinds, then unfortunately you will have to go back to the supplier to see if they will be able to mend it for you.

I ordered a blind from you and it got damaged during delivery?

If this has happened to you, let us know ASAP so we can look into it and organise for this problem to be fixed.

Our blinds are insured and if we have arranged delivery through Fliways then it will be covered. We will manufacture and send you a new blind immediately and then we will claim for the damage through Fliways.

The blind I received is not the same blind I ordered, will you fix it?

If this has happened to you let us know so we can look into your order and rectify the issue ASAP.

I want my blinds cleaned, would you be able to clean them for me?

We clean and service Brightshine Blinds in Auckland only, so if you have our blinds, then of course we can clean them for you. If you have other supplier’s blinds then unfortunately we cannot clean your blinds as of our policy change in November 2013.

Our charges are below:

  • Call out Fee: $80.00
  • Aluminium (per blind): $20.00
  • Wood Venetians (per blind): $45.00

We do not clean roller blinds.

Will my guarantee cover the repair work needed for my blind?

Our guarantee is for three years after you have purchased your blinds, if anything happens to your blinds within that time frame we will repair them free of charge. If you have just fallen out of your warranty then give us a call and we can give you a price for your repair.