Our Team


Hayley is what we like to call 'The Boss Lady'. She in fact is one of the Co-Owners of the Business and when it comes to Shutters she knows everything and anything there is to know about them!


Cameron is the other Co-Owner of the business, he is Hayley's brother. His Role in the company is our Factory Manager and he ensures that all of our blinds are top notch!


Alec is our French/English Bi - Lingual rep for the North Shore and CBD, he is constantly on the go!


Raymond is our rep for West Auckland, who has worked with us for over 15years!


Steve is our Scottish rep who services East & South Auckland, we say Scottish but he has lived in New Zealand almost all of his life, so we can safely say he is a Kiwi at Heart!


Robynne knows everything that goes on in our factory. Although her main role is to be our 'Accounts' Lady - she is so much more! She is constantly being inundated with all of your questions and queries!


Megan is our Marketing Whiz, she is the face behind all of our Social Media Channels and of course our wonderful Website. Should you have any queries about the website you will find her contact details on the 'Contact Us' section.


Sola works with our Poplar and Aluminium Blinds and does a bit of everything inbetween - he is our very own Handy Man!


Gordon works in our second factory and transforms logs into wooden slats for your Venetian Blinds, what a mastermind!


Umlesh is our Wonder Woman when it comes to making your Roller Blinds she makes upto 50 Rollers every single day!


Yvonne is the best when it comes to repairs of any kind. She has been with us for over 40 years and is almost apart of the furniture..not quite but we would be lost without her!