Measuring and Installation

You can measure and install yourself

If you would like to measure up, find out an idea of the price and install any Brightshine Blinds, just click on the Measurement Guide and Quote Tool. It’s very simple and great for people who like a bit of DIY. We can also offer a further discount to you if you’re happy to do the measuring and fitting yourself. The discount will be confirmed by a sales team member who will reply to your online quote once you have submitted it within 24 hours.

Click on either 'Measurement Guide' or "Installation' in the side bar to get some helpful tips and Step by Step Guides for measuring and installing your blinds. Below is an 'Inside Fit' and 'Outside Fit', you can mount your blinds either way depending on your window or door.

How to measure on an Inside Fit.
How to measure an Outside Fit.